Thursday, October 7, 2010

miley is TWO!!

how is it that baby girl is 2 years old?? it seems like yesterday she was in my belly!! we can't imagine our life without our smiley miley:) although, these days we have seen more sass than smiles, we love her just the same!
*she VERY animated and keeps us laughing with all of her facial expressions.
*she loves "L-kate and sida" (ella kate and josiah) and is quite lost without them! on days where they are at preschool, she doesn't know what to do with herself. she roams around the house following me like a lost puppy dog:( *she also is a princess in the making- loves her some "dancing shoes" like her big sister.
very seldom will you find her without a baby doll in her arms.
*she also loves her "sicky" (silky blanket) and drags that around the house, too.
*miley is probably my bravest when it comes to bugs. just this afternoon the babies found a beetle in the yard and miley was the only one who was brave enough to get close to it and put a bowl on top of him:) i wonder where they learned how to do that?!? *bill and i joke around that if ella kate and josiah are ever picked on at school, miley will be the one to beat the person up and take care of business:) she is that tough!!
*she is quite the chatter box and although we can't make out EVERYTHING she says, we can understand enough! if not, we just ask ella kate to translate it for us:)
*she is a cuddle bug and loves to snuggle with both her momma and her daddy:)
*eve is her partner is crime!
* she loves to eat, and she LOVES to go bye-bye!
*she loves playing with her "bobby" (barbie) and i love it when she makes her barbie talk:)
*she is not big into coloring.. although she loves to eat the crayons/sidewalk chalk.
*miley also loves to sing. if we are in the car, she will sing every song that we listen to, even if she doesn't know the words:)
*we love this little girl so much and thank the lord that he has entrusted her precious little life to us! i can't wait to watch her grow:) (well... really, i can! i want her to stay little forever!)
we love you miley!! happy birthday!!

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