Monday, March 7, 2011

been busy..

well folks... i feel like our baby girl will be here soon and we are SO excited:) ella kate and josiah ask everyday how much longer til they can hold her!! i can't wait:) the past 2-3 days, i have had pretty constant contractions every 7 minutes. but they don't get any closer or any harder.. so it is a bit frustrating. i did this a whole week before i had miley, but i am trying my best to tie up all loose ends here at home just in case adalyn decides to come now!!
for any of you that know me during pregnancy, you know that i LOVE and crave raw baby carrots. i have with all 4 babies.. can't seem to eat them enough during those 9 months! well, the other day in the car ella kate hollered from the back seat, "hey mom!! i just saw some carrots!!" (on a billboard were some fresh long carrots with the green leaves still attached.) then she said, "you LOVE carrots!! oh wait... never mind! you don't like the big carrots that grow on a farm, you like the little ones that grow in the fridge!!" :)
miley has been super nosey with all the new baby stuff! she loves looking at the tiny diapers and pacifiers:) it is sweet to watch but i have to keep my eyes on her, because she has snuck into the baby's room several times and gone through her 'already packed for the hospital' diaper bag and pulled everything out! i found adalyn's lovey and rattle downstairs in miley's bed and at any given moment, i can find one of miley's babydolls laying in adalyn's vibrating bouncy seat with the batteries wasting away:) she also likes to try out the pacifiers and bottles that we have already bought. this morning i saw her walking around with a passy in her mouth and a bottle in her hand:) i can already tell that she will be such a big "helper" :)
lately, josiah has been more outspoken than he usually is. he is quick to correct both miley and ella kate if they are being disobedient! last night, we loaded up in the car to go and get what my kids call a "fire subway". (firehouse sub) they LOVE them!! miley was getting antsy waiting on bill to bring the sandwiches out to the car so she started whining. alot. josiah looked at her and said, "miley, you gots to be patient and sweet wike jesus, ok? daddy is getting your fire subway wight now!!" or if one of the girls forgets their manners, josiah (mr. manner police) will be the first to correct them and say, "we don't say 'yeah' to momma, we say yes ma'am!!" :)

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