Friday, March 23, 2012

our cute little sassy pants:)

doesn't little miley look like the sweetest and most innocent little angel??

well, don't let her fool you:) while she is incredibly cute and sweet, she has got some sassiness up her sleeves that she is not afraid to whip out!!
for instance, at the supper table last week, she was complaining to bill about her drinking glass. "but, daddy i don't want this one... it's not perfect!!" bill replied, "but it IS perfect! it is the perfect cup for a little girl." she is still whining to him as she replies, "but i'm not a little girl, daddy. i am a BIG girl!!" "you are a big girl, but you are still just a little bit little." she has a grumpy face and snaps back, "well..... fine! you're a little daddy!!" after bill picked his jaw up off the floor, he handled that little remark accordingly and had a silent chuckle to himself. the two of them were eating donuts together one morning at the kitchen table. bill was finished and got up to check on me upstairs (on bedrest). as soon as he began to push his chair in and walk away, miley said to him scoldingly, "uhh, daddy? you can sit here with me until i'm done." so bill pulled his chair back out, sat down and waited for the princess to finish eating:

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