Friday, April 20, 2012


*I asked Ella Kate to scratch my back this afternoon. She let out a big sigh, began scratching and said, "why do you ALWAYS ask us to do this..... We are just kids!!!"
*I asked Miley if she wanted a piece of cheese and she responded, "yes, ma'am. I want a big hairy one!"
*I had to get two rounds of steroid shots to help develop Levi's lungs. Bill gave me one of the shots at home and the kids wanted to watch. I asked if I could hold their hands so it wouldn't hurt as bad, and they were thrilled to be needed. When I was done, the girls clapped and hugged me telling me how proud they were and how brave I was. Josiah chimed in, "well, you DIDN'T cry but you did go 'ooohhhh' 'aahhhh'!" thank you son for pointing out my wimpy side and fear of needles!
*I was unloading the dishwasher tonight went Ella Kate came in and asked, "uhhh, mom? Are you supposed to be doing this? Or are you supposed to be in bed?" :)

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