Thursday, April 26, 2012

Levi having a party in my belly

Levi had the hiccups and was rolling around in my belly. It is kinda hard to see, but I tried:)

We were eating popcorn and watching a movie on the couch one afternoon when I could feel Ella Kate staring at me. I turned and looked at her and she said, "mom?? How do you do that?" "do what?" I asked. She had a serious look when she replied, "how do you get SO much popcorn in your mouth?" that'll bless ya:)

Miley told me the other night.. "mom, my teddy bear is in trouble because him did not obey me! So, I punched him in the

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  1. AWESOME video!!! I have never thought of doing that, but now I totally will with our next. And the popcorn comment is hilarious!