Saturday, July 14, 2012

still trying to catch up..

adalyn is at THE BEST age right now... everything she does is so cute! she is a tad bit friendlier to strangers and is starting to venture out a bit more. although she isn't saying much still, she loves to walk around the kitchen saying, "moh! moh!" (more) she also LOVES to go get her shoes and back up into your lap to put them on. imagine this cute hiney coming your way:)
 My kids LOVE to keep me in check:) While Miley was complaining about being too small for something, Josiah encouraged her by saying, "you're not small Miley, you're big! And I'm big, and Ella Kate's big! But mom.... Mom is the LARGEST!!!"
 Levi was taking a nap upstairs on my bed while we were eating lunch. He started to cry while I was cleaning up, but I really wanted to finish sweeping and putting the dishes away before I got him up. He was screaming his head off before long, then all of a sudden he got quiet. I went upstairs to check and found that Ella Kate (completely unprompted and without my knowing) holding him on my bed and singing to him:) melt my heart... Sweet little momma!
I found Josiah upstairs on my bed with the baby when he said, "momma, I could stare at Levi all day!" :)
 these 2 are buddies:)
 father's day!! i took the kids shopping for bill's gift and they were sooo excited:) i took them to the dollar store and let them each pick out several things that daddy would love. i wish i had a camera to show you what all they picked out... it was adorable. ella kate picked him out some new church socks, some mints, a green dish scrubber and a snickers bar. josiah picked him out a green harmonica, a red gatorade, and new chapstick. miley got him some sunflower seeds, spiderman bandaids and a water bottle:) he loved them! i also had them answer 10 questions about him and i printed them out... hilarious!! i need to post a picture of their answers... they LOVE their daddy, we are so blessed!
Ella Kate said the blessing at lunch one afternoon and her prayer was, "thank you Jesus for this food, and thank you that nana is coming to babysit, and Lord, please bless her heart for watching all of us! Amen!" :) During the same meal, Josiah (out of nowhere) lets out a HUGE sigh and says, "I sure do wish I was Mrs. Tk's kid!" where did that come from? It is no surprise that my kids are crazy about Mrs. Tk... But I thought they were crazy about me, too!

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