Sunday, January 6, 2013

Talents, byes and baby carriers!

While I was straightening Ella Kate's hair in my bathroom the other day, she was talking to me through the bathroom mirror, " mom, did you know that this hand has TWO talents?" She is raising her right hand at me. "Oh, yeah?" I ask. "Yes, ma'am. I can write and snap with It. But, THIS hand (raising her left) doesn't have any talents."

Adalyn loves our cell phones. She calls them a "bye". She is a sneaky little booger and grabs the "bye" and scurries off before we snatch it back. Just last night, I saw where she had taken a self portrait on my phone. Hilarious. She isn't even two yet! The times, they are a changing!

While unloading groceries the other night, I asked bill where Levi was. The other kids were helping unload all of the bags from the car, but I didn't see Levi anywhere. Just then, bill turns around and shows me how he stuffed Levi in his sweatshirt. When you run out of hands, you get creative:)

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