Tuesday, May 7, 2013


The kids were watching a video about "Holly Hobby". Something was mentioned about breaking a brittle bone and I heard EK and Josiah have this conversation in the car.
EK: where is your brittle bone?
Josiah: I think it is in your armpit.
EK: are you sure it's not in your brittle?
Josiah: uhh.. It might be in your brittle, but maybe your brittle is in your armpit.
:)..... I never corrected them either. It was too funny!

Bill was flipping through the channels the other night and stopped on the Andy Griffith show. Ella Kate said, "I really like this show, but why are there no colors?" Bill explained to her that this was an old show and that when her Poppa was a little boy, all of the tv shows were in black and white. She had a concerned look on her face and asked, "Well... What about in his world. Was in black and white in his world or was there colors?" :)

Adalyn has cute manners now:) she asked bill the other night after she had finished eating her supper, " daddy? I skoosed??" (May I be excused?) precious. She also says, "Tay-too" "yelcome" "ess-man" (yes ma'am) "beep beep" ( excuse me, you are in my way!) "okie dokie" "whoopsie daisy". I feel like she is talking up a storm these days... It is nonstop. Sometimes in the car, I have to ask her to please quit talking for a minute:) she LOVES airplanes and HATES loud trash trucks. If we are outside and a big truck drives by, she runs to me saying, "I scared, momma!" She LOVES to tell the dogs, "no no." She is a little momma to Levi, too. She now calls him "lee-wise", and she loves bossing him around. (He pays her no attention!)

Levi is crawling and everywhere. He has even taken a tumble down the stairs. Bless his heart.. He screamed out but when I grabbed him, he looked around silently as if thinking, 'I'm ok.' Tough boy:) he loves the fireplace utensils and he always gets his head stuck between the couch and endtable. He LOVES balls. Throwing them and crawling after them. He also loves cars and would play with Josiah all day long. He gets SO excited when bill comes home from work. He kicks his legs and shouts "da!! da!!" Until bill acknowledges him.

Miley is adorable. She has turned into this sweet little lady overnight and I LOVE it. She has amazing manners and is quick to say "yes ma'am!" She never complains about her hair or clothes.. Hallelujah!! She wants to swim all day, everyday. Even if she is by herself. She loves being outside. Today in the car, she told Ella Kate that she could see all of the way to Sissy's house. (She couldn't, really) but she made Ella Kate believe that she could because she has magic eyes because she eats carrots. And Miley loves her some carrots:) she had a stomach bug last week and would ask that we pray for her several times thoughout the day. After day 2, while sitting on the potty for the millionth time she looked at me with sad eyes and said, "why doesn't God want to listen to our prayers and make me quit pooping?" :(

Josiah just got tested for the gifted program at school. He is now doing second grade work and his teachers were eager to have him tested. He was so excited to take the 2 hour test. When.i picked him up from school, I couldn't wait to hear about how it went. He told told me he did great and it was super easy. He said he had to color in these little dots.. (I'm assuming it was the dots for standardized testing), and he used 2 pencils. (Again, I'm assuming that it was only one number 2 pencil:) )he also had to draw some shapes and he said he drew the babies:) that boy loves him some babies!

Ella Kate continues to be a big helper. Sometimes, she helps in ways that I don't "need" her to, but I am trying to encourage her servant heart:) she has blossomed so much this school year. I'm so proud of her! I am sure it is hard "competing or being compared" to brainy Josiah, but she is doing fabulous! She is friendly and thoughtful. A pleaser like her momma:)

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