Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Miley the Popstar

Miley is going to wear a cheerleading uniform in a catalog this fall.. And she is beyond thrilled:) she asked me the other day how popstars say thank you.. I told her that I think that they talk just like us. She was afraid they said, "gracias" or something, and she wanted to be prepared because she told me, "when I'm in this magazine, and my friends talk to me, I need to talk like a popstar!" Oh my! She is a mess!

She had an eventful summer. While swimming at Nana Nan's one morning, she was jumping off the edge into the shallow end. She spun around in a circle while she jumped and she didn't quite jump out far enough and busted her chin..

She was our first kid to ever have stitches and the first to be operated on by a plastic surgeon:) she was SO proud of her battle wound and took it like a champ! She had to be put completely under and got a good amount of internal and external stitches but it has healed up SO nicely! However, since her stitches were dissolvable, she couldn't swim or get wet for a while, so that put a little damper on our summer swimming days, but we still managed to have fun!

Miley patted my belly the other afternoon and said, "I see you have a baby in there!" Ummm no, kid. That is just fat. But thanks for always being there to encourage me to exercise:)

This summer, we cracked down in chores around the house. The big kids LOVED them and would beg for more and more... However, one while Miley was sitting beside me folding dish towels, she sighed and said, "I sure do feel like Cinderella!" Poor thing!

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  1. I died laughing again at Miley and how popstars say thank you! haha!