Monday, September 30, 2013

How in the world do I have a 7 year old? Time flies by when you are having fun!

Ella Kate had a great day! She has been dying to get her ears pierced and that's exactly what we did!

She never shed a tear.. I only have a video to prove it:) after we left the mall with new earrings and clothes (thanks Mimi and aunt Jenna!), we headed to eat Mexican per the request of the birthday girl.

After her cherry coke and very own bean dip, we headed to Starbucks to get a frappuccino and cake pop:)

Then we had to drop by and let Poppa see her new earrings!

She is getting so big and growing so fast! Ella Kate, you are such a joy! I am so thankful that You made me a momma. God is so good to have blessed me and daddy with your precious life, first! You are such a helper and pleaser.. You are creative and smart! You are a gift and we LOVE you to pieces!

Location:Ella Kate is 7!!

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