Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The sweetness that is my Miley

Miley was talking about God a lot this afternoon. At one point I heard her having a conversation with Ella Kate and Josiah. "God is everywhere. He is always watching us... And sometimes He pulls my hair."

Josiah started basketball camp this week and at the supper table he told us about how he was learning to pass the ball and dribble. Miley exclaims, "yeah, I'm horrible at that! I don't even know what dribbler is!" :)

About 5 days after I had Titus, I was bathing the girls and washing their hair. Miley looks up to me bending over the tub and says, "whoa, mom! It looks like you are about to have another baby!" Ella Kate is shocked and fussed, "Miley!! I think mom looks perfect!" Miley then chuckles and says, "well... A little bit perfect and a little bit about to have another baby!"

Ella Kate: "daddy, me and you are just alike because we have to ask momma how to spell everything!"
Miley: ".. and daddy, me and you are just alike 'cause we toot all of the time!"

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