Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Titus Franklin

We had another baby! Thursday May 8, 2014 was a great day. Four days before my due date, we had an induction and it went unbelievably perfect. I arrived at the hospital around 6am, started pitocin at 7am, and after 3 pushes, Bill caught him at 3:45pm! Our doctor is amazing and super laid back, so he allowed bill to deliver Titus. He was ecstatic! He put the whole gear on and we have it all on video:) surprisingly with this being our 6th baby, we had lots of visitors. Titus came out with the davis pouty lip, dark hair and was just as cute as they come. He was 7lb 14.5oz and 20in long. We didn't find out the gender until the birth, so that was exciting. Everyone was on team boy, except me, EK and Levi. We were on team girl, but really didn't care either way. Our names were Titus Franklin or Heidi Anne. It took several weeks for Levi to quit calling Titus Heidi. He told everyone that his baby was heidi and that he was a girl. Poor confused little guy.

Titus is now 2 months old and last week was the first time that Levi called him Titus:) He is such a sweet baby. He cried a good bit and wanted to be held the majority of his first 3 weeks, and I was so nervous. We've never had a fussy baby, and i didn't want our last baby to be a doozy.. but I am happy to say that he has chilled out and we are all pretty smitten with him. The kids ask all day, everyday of they can "hold the baby". Levi will sit and hold him forever and jos and EK are such big helpers! I completely trust them to hold him and walk around. Josiah can always get him to quit crying! Adalyn and Miley adore him too, but they aren't my go-to babysitters:)

Titus is growing and thriving! He smiled at me for the first time last week and I melted into a puddle. Beyond precious! He had his 2 month check up today and weighed in at 13lb 12oz and 24in long. 95% all around:) we are so thankful for this precious gift that God has entrusted to us. Lord, use him to do mighty things for YOU!

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  1. Congratulations on sweet boy Titus!!! What a wonderful blessing!