Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ella kate is 8

I promise you that I am implementing a new Pinterest phrase into my house on some wall, some day..."little ones should never be sent to bed, because they always wake up a day older" - Peter Pan

I can't believe that our firstborn is 8! I still look at her with her giant smile, small soft eyes, brown bouncy girls and infectious laugh... She seems to be frozen at the sweet age of 4-5 in my brain.

However, she is growing and I am doing my best to enjoy each new stage. She is an incredible helper! Breakfast maker, sandwich assembler, juice cup pourer, vacuumer, baby bather, baby singer:) she wears many hats in this family and we are thankful that God blessed us with some amazingly perfect sweet helpers, first.

Having six small kids is totally more do-able with her! She is sweet, caring, wants to please you, friendly, talkative, thoughtful. She wants to be a vet when she grows up. Her new favorite color is purple, she loves eating several things.. My fruit bug, Italian and Mexican buddy, loves sprite. Still spends hours playing with barbies. Loves sending people handwritten notes or texts, can make loom bracelets in no time, has the ability to turn a messy room into sparkly clean and a white piece of paper will be a masterpiece in minutes. She loves her jeans and loves ponytails without a hairbow.

We love our sweet EK! You are more important that you can imagine!

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