Friday, September 26, 2014

Did I never post Levi's 2nd birthday?

Levi Nicholas, Wise, Wisey Wise, Him, Himmy, little man, Leviticus...

You have lots of names :) you are 2 years old and as busy as can be! You call yourself "Him" and you adore Adalyn who you call "Ina". The two of you are the dynamic duo. Y'all can get into mischief in a heartbeat, and what was once a clean house, or freshly painted wall, or nicely ironed outfit will be a disaster in 0.2 seconds.

You are ALL boy! You love any type of ball but baseballs and bats are your favorite. You are CRAZY about bugs. CRAZY about them! Roaches, beetles, cicadas, worms... All of the nasty ones. If daddy gets to it before you, you bust out into the flash dance running in place and crying. You sleep with a june bug in a jar.

You love to wear your crocs, you love opening and shutting doors, you love matchbox cars, and you still love having your hand in your pants😁. You and josiah are forming a sweet bond that I love. The two of you share a room and he is a great big brother to you. You love daddy. In fact, the other day after you woke up, I was kissing you and scratching your back. I whispered in your ear, "I love you.." You smiled at me and whispered back, "I love daddy!" Stinker.

Wheels on the bus is your favorite thing to watch on Netflix, you get excited whenever you see a dog and especially when you see the donkeys on the way to church. Speaking of church, you love getting candy from mrs. Lisa's office. We love you to the moon, buddy! God is so good to have blessed us with your sweet life! Happy birthday!

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  1. See??! This is why I didn't know he was two at open house! ha! Love the last picture! :)