Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Titus Frankin is growing like a weed.. he is 11 months old and still not our easiest baby. He has his super sweet and smiley moments, but he also is cutting teeth and is not afraid to fuss/holler/pitch a fit. He is his daddy's little clone :) he loves Josiah, mimi and yaya, he is a pro at waving bye bye and can down 2 hot dogs like nobodies business! ha! we sure do love our baby Ty!

my kids have been yanking out their teeth left and right!

Bible story time with adalyn (4 years old):
"When the bad guys killed Jesus, they made him a sign that said, King of the Judes. And Jesus cried and then he died. But he isn't on the cross anymore and he isn't in the tomb, He's ALIVE!!!!"
 Levi loves wearing his big boy "unna wears!" His favorite part is sticking his Chapstick in the front flap little "pocket".
Me to one of my daughters: "you are so pretty!"
My daughter: "thanks, I know! :) the only thing wrong with me is my hair."
Me: "oh yeah? What's wrong with your hair?"
My sweet confident daughter: "well.. Nothing really. I just couldn't think of anything else!"
 I have people who come up to me often and say, "your kids are so well behaved and you have so many of them.. How do you do it?" Well, this post is for you... ‪#‎LetsGetReal‬ We are renting our house for the Masters this weekend and the prep has been no joke. For instance: after I shampooed the carpets, I woke up yesterday morning to find my 2 year old peeing in the box fan while on full blast, then he pooped in the back yard and wiped off in the sandbox, I also am the proud owner of 3 new picture frames with no glass. This morning I woke to find ink pen on the leather couch, a beautiful blue crayon mural on his freshly scrubbed walls and a huge dead carpenter bee in his bed that he refuses to throw away because "he's cute!" Right now I am looking at he and his 4 year old wing man blow raspberries to me on our clean windows, while the big kids are rearranging logs and bricks in our (clean for once!) back yard to make fairy/troll houses. And everything needs to be spic and span before the guests arrive! So there you have it! My life isn't perfect! and is certainly never dull!

Adalyn and Levi were arguing when adalyn started whining to me, "mom, Levi is not letting me play with him!" To which Levi responded, "I NOT LEWI!!! I HIM!!" He has always said that his name is "him" or "Himmy" and today he is not answering to anything else!

I'm scrubbing my walls like a mad woman and sweating profusely when josiah walks by and says, "you know mom, you're really pretty for your age!"

Adalyn: "ella kate, you are not in charge. Momma and daddy are.. And God. He's the boss, and He's gonna get you!"

i went to put the clothes from the washer to the dryer and as I was pulling out pieces of clothes, I pulled out a full bottle of Hershey's syrup. I'm so glad it stayed shut.. ‪#‎howdothesethingshappen‬ ‪#‎anotherdayinthelife

I asked Levi (my brave bug lover) to get a dead roach for me. He walked up and said, "awww.. He's cute! Please, I put it in my pocket?"

Someone passed gas in the van today and everyone blamed adalyn (who is usually guilty!) but today she said, "Guys that wasn't me! This smells like rotten eggs and my toots smell like sneaky feet!"

 Yesterday josiah ran outside to the backyard to grab something. He slid his flip flops over his socks real quick when miley (who is 6) looks down at his feet and says, "uhhhh Siah?? Wearing socks and sandals is totes lame!" She walks off and leaves him looking at his feet completely confused!

I may or may not have just hid in the dark in one of my kids bedrooms to eat an icecream cone for breakfast.. My kids thought we were playing hide and seek. ‪#‎iwon‬ ‪#‎breakfastofchampions‬ ‪#‎theyneverknew‬

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