Wednesday, April 29, 2015

adalyn is 4!

Sweet Adalyn, you are 4 years old!!! You were so excited to wake up and be 4, but were also so bummed that you were still small. You kept saying, "hey... I thought I was 4! Why am I still tiny?" :) You love anything Barbie and princess.
You wear your blue sparkle stinky shoes or plastic Cinderella shoes every single day. Ellie and Clara are your bestest friends and Levi is your wing man. You are terrified of animals.. especially dogs. You like them from a distance, but as soon as they head your way you go into hysterics. "Boys like girls" (teen beach movie) is still your favorite movie and you would watch it everyday if we let you, and can pretty much quote the entire movie.
Levi still calls you Ina, and you never correct him. You love to draw and color. Your happy stick people are my favorite. You told me that you were going to quit twirling your hair when you turned 4, but you haven't.... and you love going to Mr. Don's class at church. You have an incredible amount of gas, and you are so proud of yourself when someone acknowledges it. Miley is your hero, and you are thrilled when she pays you any attention. You love Titus and want to be a helper, but sometimes you love him a little too much and a little too hard:) You are a joy and I am so glad that you are mine!! I love you to the moon and cant wait to see the little lady that God created you to be! Happy Birthday!
.. and just to remember.. when we asked you about your birthday date, you asked if both mom and dad could go. then, you asked if we could go somewhere inside.... then you asked if you could get sprite and the other kids get water... then without hesitation, you shouted "WAFFLE HOUSE!" :)

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