Thursday, June 10, 2010

more beach pics..

the moon was so beautiful!
miley cheesin' on the golfcart:) cute josiah ready for the beach!josiah and eve lovin'..miley and eve lovin'..s'mores!golfcart fun! ready to go:)my girls..i'm so blessed!feeding the deer:)boy bike rides... (bill also rode the girls this way too!)does it get any cuter??miley rockin' her bikini:)sweet babies..eve and mileytaking a break:)loving it!daddy time:)this little cutie played in the sand most of the week:)


  1. What a great trip. It looks like so much fun. These beach pics are adorable of the kids :)

    You have such a beautiful family.

  2. what sweet pictures kristen! you do have such a beautiful, funny family!