Friday, June 18, 2010


we have been very busy this week with VBS (vacation bible school).
my poor kids were completely confused for the first day or so when i would wake them up and get them dressed for VBS. they kept thinking that they were going to PBS kids (chuck.e.cheese) it was such a let down when we would pull up to the church each morning. both josiah and ella kate would say, "hey! this isn't PBS kids, this is school! are we going to PBS kids after school?" you see, their preschool was the same church (my dad's church), where we attended VBS. are you confused, yet?! :) they ended up LOVING VBS and by thursday, they were no longer asking for PBS kids! praise the Lord! :)
on a different, funnier note: each day at VBS, they would take up an offering that would go towards missions. this morning i gave ella kate a handful of quarters to put in the offering as it was being passed in her class. i wanted her to be able to be a part of the giving and know that by giving some money, she was helping others learn about Jesus. well, when we got home i heard some jingling in her pocket and i assumed she just forgot to put her money in the bucket, so i asked her. her response was, "no, i put one money in the offer'n, but i am gonna keep the other ones for disney world."
apparently, she didn't quite grasp the whole concept .... we will be working on that! :)

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