Tuesday, August 17, 2010

two 3yr olds, first day of preschool and veggie tales!

i have a lot of updating to do!! i need to post some pictures from ella kate and josiah's birthday party and post some pictures from the first day of preschool. but first, i wanted to share some cute stories:)
first.. josiah turned 3 last week, and ella kate wont turn 4 until next week. ella kate is having a hard time "sharing the age 3" with her brother. she keeps reminding him, " 'siah, you are just a little bit 3, and i'm a lot 3!! cause i'mma be 4 soon!!" :)
also.. walmart had their veggie tale dvds on sale last week, so i bought the new 'wizard of has' movie. it looked cute with a scarecrow and tin man on the cover and i thought the kids would like it. i showed it to ella kate and she asked what it was called, so i told her "it's the wizard of has." she gave me a weird look and shook her head saying, "no... it's not that one! we're not allowed to watch wizards! i think it is called, "veggie tales wears their halloween costumes!" .... i stood corrected:)

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  1. your kids are so funny! LOVE reading your cute stories!!!