Wednesday, August 4, 2010


ella kate and josiah both have birthdays in august, so tonight we had a "practice round" of the cupcakes we will be making for their birthday party next week! they had so much fun helping us bake these tasty colorful treats! we got the idea from a friend of ours but tried to change the colors into pastels. however, they didn't turn out as well as we had hoped so we will probably be doing the original bold, bright colors next week! here are some pics of my cute helpers:) ella kate informed me yesterday that, "when she was 2 years old, she was little boy and she frew up (threw up) all the time!" hmm... i never knew that! :)
josiah sneezed in the car the other day, so miley politely said, "bwess you, sida! (bless you 'siah!) he didn't acknowledge her so she said it a little louder. still no response from josiah, so miley screams (with a grumpy face and evil eye) "BWESS YOU SIDA!!!!!!!" finally, that got his attention and he turned to her and said, "thank you baby miley!" she smiled at him and satisfyingly looked out her window!


  1. you have me wondering why nobody does practice rounds for my birthday?????

  2. they look good girl!

    and practice rounds sounds like something i should add to all the birthdays we celebrate!!! =)