Monday, August 16, 2010

has it been a year already??

my sweet grandma, nonny, has been in the presence of God for a whole year now! the time has gone by so fast and my heart still hurts for her like it was just yesterday! i think of all that has happened this past year... of all that she has missed. miley was just sweet, smiley 10 month old little baby when nonny passed away and now she is a hot mess with a diva attitude:) josiah was our crier... and nonny fervently prayed for him and prayed that we would have patience dealing with his difficult phase. she would be so happy to know that he is our happy, EASY, sweet little man now.. still cute as ever with his big blue eyes, and dimples! ella kate hasn't really changed all that much. i do miss, however, calling nonny with the latest "ella kate story". sometimes when ella kate has done something crazy (like she does every other day) i still find myself picking up the phone to call nonny. she would cackle and hoot until she cried at some of the things that miss priss had said/done!
there is so much that i wish i could say to my sweet nonny! i would tell her how much i miss her... how much we all miss her! how ella kate STILL talks about her and asks when she is coming back home. although.. when we lost the baby, ella kate said that nonny could stay in heaven and rock our baby for us:) and i know that nonny is doing just that!!
i miss you nonny and cannot wait until i can see your sweet face again one day!
i love you!

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