Tuesday, March 8, 2011

daddy's panties:)

ok.. so it is no secret that i am BIG right now:) i have reached the point in pregnancy where i want absolutely NOTHING touching me (clothes wise). so typically, if we are home, i am wearing a sports bra and bill's boxers. (now, if we are going out in public, i will wearing something a little more conservative... but usually i am not happy about it! ha!) ella kate looked at me the other day while i was wearing my 'pregnancy uniform' and said, "momma... why do you wear daddy's panties EVERYDAY?? do you only like to wear your panties to church??" :)
and also, you know you watch a lot of the food network when your 3 and 4 year olds walk by the magazine aisle at the grocery store and yell, "hey! there's rachael ray!! and barefoot contessa!! and paula deen!! and jade's mom! (giada de laurentis)" haha:) they begged for me to buy that food network magazine, but lately i have NOT had the desire to cook... so we just watch someone else cook on tv:)