Monday, March 21, 2011

Guess who is here....

our sweet adalyn grace was born saturday march 19, 8:12pm and weighed 7lb 2oz:)

she is the SWEETEST babyi LOVE this pic! this was taken right when my mom and sister brought ella kate, josiah and miley to the hospital to see me and the baby for the first time. they were SO excited:)proud big brotherella kate is a natural:)miley could kiss her baby sister all day!i love how they are all 4 smiling:)we are so blessed!we got home from the hospital this afternoon and everyone seems to be adjusting well! the kids LOVE adalyn and are constantly kissing her, brushing her hair, squeezing her sweet feet, shoving a passy in her mouth... you name it! i dont think there is another baby alive who has been loved on as much as our sweet adalyn:) they can't keep their hands off of her!!

we were discharged from the hospital yesterday and when we got home, it was close to the kid's naptime. ella kate was so upset that she wasn't going to get to play with the baby, so i told her that she could hold her and love on her as soon as she woke up. with big eyes, ella kate asked me, "how long is she gonna stay here?" i told her that she is going to live here with us forever, and as soon as i did, ella kate started jumping up and down squealing with delight:) apparently, she thought that adalyn was gonna have to go back to the hospital!

ella kate, josiah and miley were thrilled to see a "chicken" in our yard letting people know that we had a baby. (it's really just a stork!!)

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  1. CONGRATS!! She is beautiful!! LOVE the pic of all for of them smiling and my heart melts when I see them seeing Adalyn for the first time with you in the hospital bed...PRECIOUS!!!