Thursday, October 6, 2011

Miley is 3!!

miney moe is three!! can y'all believe it?!? this sassy thing is growing like a weed! she is so full of life and spunk and definitely keeps us on our toes!! miley is so sweet and cuddly but will snap Check Spellingand drop kick you in a skinny minute:) there is never a dull moment and we can't imagine life without her!! happy birthday, sweet girl!billy d made colorful cupcakes for her preschool class on her birthday, so the night before, he let her try one:) below is mrs. lori, her preschool teacher. miley ADORES her!!! i am so thankful for sweet, caring adults who LOVE my kids:) as if she hadn't had enough cupcakes by now, here she is celebrating one last time:) she made LOTS of wishes:) maybe she wished for some extra sweetness or patience!?! nah... probably not:) she woke up a couple of days before her actual birthday and said, "momma.... i can't believe i'm FREE!!!" (three) so cute... she was super excited to "be a big girl like l-kate".

we didn't have a big birthday party for her this year, because bill's friend gave him some tickets for 'disney's live- 3 classical fairytales' that is here in our area tonight. miley was beyond the moon to "go to disney world and get to see cinderella, snow white and belle". and ella kate was super excited to be able to tag along:) nana nan was originally going to go with bill and the girls, but ended up having surgery this week and was still in pain and feeling pretty uncomfortable. so then i wanted to go, but i have been sick and miserable the past two days, and ended up backing out, but mimi was glad to step up and go! these girls have no idea how blessed they are with a daddy like bill! my heart is full:)

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