Thursday, October 20, 2011

my cute little nerd:)

josiah "woke" up from his nap one day and brought me this...he likes to copy/memorize words from books that he has in his room. he thinks it is so fun:) and the cool thing is, is that he can point and tell me what each one of those words say. he loves to sound out words and then memorizes them for future reference:) after his nap today, he walked up to my bedroom where i was changing adalyn's diaper and said, "hey momma, i can spell jewwyfish! ... j-e-l-l-y-f-i-s-h!" he LOVES this kind of stuff! it makes us so proud:) his teacher told us that one day at preschool this week, the class played number bingo and josiah was EXTREMELY giggly and giddy! almost foaming at the mouth... he was so excited! ha:)

ella kate wanted me to take a picture of her new fingernails that nana nan got her this week. we have since found random fingernails throughout the house. one in the fridge, in the bathtub, in miley's pancake, in adalyn's hair... you know, the usual:) also.. while getting out of the car one day while it was super breezy, ella kate said to me, "momma, do you feel that?? it feels like christmas cheer!!!" :) adalyn is already 7 months old!! she is the sweetest, chunkiest, best little thing ever!! we all adore her to pieces. we get comments all of the time about her happy and laid back demeanor. she is such a blessing!! she weighs a whopping 18 lbs and started taking some formula last week. she loves to laugh at her siblings and give kisses to daddy. she definitely loves her momma and gets lots of cuddles. she is so close to sitting unassisted, but her big squishy belly just can't seem to hold her up:) i don't think she is close to crawling yet, either. she will occasionally roll around if she wants something, but usually she is content just laying there:) no teeth yet, but she is loving baby food and doesn't miss too many meals:) she sleeps a solid 13 hours at night and takes two 2 hour naps during the day. adalyn grace, you are a pure delight!! we are so thankful for your precious life:)

on a side note... i put a baby einstein on for her this week to see if she would like it. miley walked by the tv and said, "dude.... i'm not watching that!!"

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