Saturday, October 8, 2011

grumpy gus..

ella kate and josiah often {lovingly} refer to miley as, "grumpy gus". you know... 2 wasn't exactly miley's best age. we saw many, MANY :grumpy gus" moments:) but we also saw some sweet, smiley, "miney moe" moments as well. like this one......this sweet face had just gotten upset about something and was just-a-cryin' and acting ugly. bill told her she needed to sit down on the front porch and when she was done crying, then she could get up. well, a few minutes went by with her sitting on the steps and crying. then out of nowhere i see this face walk up to me and say completely umprompted, "momma, i so sorry i be cried. you give me?" well, OF COURSE i forgive you, sweet girl! i am so thankful for these moments of when i can see the lord doing a work in my babies lives. that very night, ella kate prayed this: "dear lord, thank you for this great day and thank you that we have jesus in or hearts. and i pray for the mean people that don't have jesus in their hearts and i pray that you will just bless them.
amen!" i love these kids.
but oh yeah... back to "grumpy gus" :) she had her 3 year check up this week and had to get a shot and the flu mist. and let me tell you... miley was mad! she wasn't a fan of the flu mist in her nose, but the nurse was really fast and it was over pretty quick. she fussed for a second then we flipped her down to get her shot in her leg. as soon as the nurse pricked her, miley screamed, "AHHHH!!! YOU'RE SO MEAN!!!" she ripped the paper on the examining table and was just plain ticked off! the poor nurse put a band-aid on, but miley was having none of it, so i had to rip it right back off. looking back, it is so funny to me:) ek and jos are so super tender and sensitive that shots hurt their feelings and they end up walking with a limp the rest of the day:) but not miley!! she was not sad... she was as mad as a hornet!! when i got her calmed down, and walked everyone back to the car, miley said, "dat girl was not berry nice, a lot!!" (at all)

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