Monday, November 21, 2011

Adalyn is 8 months old!!!

Adalyn, you are 8 months old!!!you are still just as happy and content as can be! you FINALLY started sitting by yourself and you have a few tricks:) whenever we say "yay!!" or "good girl!!" you start clapping your cute, chubby hands! whenever we say "bye-bye" your start flapping your arms like a bird... i am sure you will be waving in no time:) you still say da-da and ma-ma and you LOVE to blow raspberries... especially with a mouth full of food`:)you are quite the chunk weighing about 20lbs(which i LOVE), and you love to eat! you are now on formula and have adjusted perfectly! (thank you JESUS!) you love some baby food but will really eat anything! you have had mashed potatoes, chicken pie, potato soup, grits, oatmeal, cheerios, applesauce, yogurt, and you recently fell in LOVE with clementine oranges:) you are still a happy sleeper, taking 2 good naps a day and sleeping a solid 13 hours at night!ella kate still believes that you will have brown eyes like her:)surprisingly enough, you love miley!! she is the first to hurt you and be too rough, but she can get the BIGGEST, belly laugh out of you!! you think she is hilarious!! ella kate and josiah try and try to make you laugh that hard, but they can't:)but miney moe needs to remember to be gentle or you will surely toss your cookies:) you still love getting some lovin' from jos, although you have an infatuation with grabbing his face!this is poor quality but i took this with my phone this morning... this is your new happy place:) left hand fingers in your mouth, and twirling your hair with your right fingers:)

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