Wednesday, November 30, 2011

i know i am forgetting something...

if i don't jot things down on a napkin or a post it, then i forget:( so here are some things that i can remember..

miley no longer says "miney" :( she now knows that her name is MILEY! sad, sad day! another sign that my babies are growing up!

josiah wants an angry bird for christmas. he also said he wants more children for our house:)

do all 5 year old little girls have attitude or is it just mine?

miley wants a "sleeping booty" doll for christmas. you know, "aurora, sleepy booty"! :)

the bath tonight was SUPER hot. ella kate was the first one in and immediately let out a huge sigh and sunk almost all of the way down. i looked at her, completely submerged and with her eyes closed, and i asked her what she was doing. she replied, " ((big sigh)) i'm just dreaming of heaven!" :)

when it was miley's turn to hop in the tub, she was grumpy. (surprise, surprise!) she sat there with a big scowl on her face, so i turned to ella kate and said, "look at miley. she is SO sweet, and SO happy! look at the big ol' smile." all the while, miley is still grumpy and scowling. so, ella kate chimes in and says, "she is SO happy! and so friendly! and all of the animals love her!" with that, miley shouted out, "i NOT!! i MEAN!!!" and let out a huge huff, complete with arms crossed across her chest!! sweet, sweet girl:)

speaking of sweet girls.. adalyn is officially an army crawler! we have never had an army crawler, so it is so cute to watch. she never gets on all 4s, just lays on her belly and scoots herself with her elbows:)

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