Friday, November 4, 2011

here, there and everywhere...

happy halloween!but of course, you know no day at the davis house is complete without a little drama:) i love these kiddos... 5,4,3 and 7 months! where is the time going?!?

they LOVE their baby:)my girls also love to wear mimi's glasses:) but they always confuse miley.. she runs into walls and counters the whole time she wears them! adalyn and daddy's new trick:)

and without further adieu... guess what we have already put up at our house??maybe miley's decorating skills can give you a hint...

ta-da!! we have put up our christmas tree!! and seeing as though i am married to buddy the elf and have given birth to 4 little elflings.... we decided to make christmas cookies the other night:)

i have no idea how my precious baby got flour on her face but i am sure it had something to do with her 3 yr old big sister:)got sprinkles??? *we got a toys r us christmas catalog in the mail the other day and my kids love to circle all of the things that they like. josiah and ella kate were looking at in one afternoon and josiah pointed to a big race track thing and said, "ooohhhh!! i wike dis!!!" (i like this) ella kate whispered softly to him, "josiah, that is too ess-pensive! we don't have a lot of money, so we just need to circle all of the little things we want!" ha! where did she get this?? i mean.. we DON'T have a lot of money, but i never said they couldn't circle the big things:)

*on another (less sweet) note... we were all in the car taking josiah to preschool. he likes to peek inside his lunchbox in the mornings and get a glimpse of what he has to look forward to for lunch. this particular morning i had written him a little note on his napkin that said, 'i love you buddy, love mom!' well, jos found it and pulled it out to read. he started sounding it out and was saying, "i wuv you buh- buh-buh......"ella kate interrupted him and said, "'siah, it says, 'i love you blockhead, love mom'.... now put it up!"

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