Tuesday, December 20, 2011


*miley, adalyn and i drove to pick up the other 2 from preschool one day. i always try to squeeze them as soon as i pick them up and tell them how much i missed them while they were at school. however, this particular day miley was quick to chime in and tell them, "well, I didn't miss nobody!!!" sweet thing.. ha!

*miley was waiting for yaya to come and pick her up for a sleep over date. while looking for her out of her bedroom window, she says, "i love yaya! her's so CUTE!" :)

*miley, adalyn and i met my sisters and the twins for lunch one afternoon at moes. miley told me that she was finished with her burrito, so instead of letting it go to waste, i took it upon my pregnant self to finish it for her:) she didn't seem to mind, until bill came home from work that night and she immediately told him, "daddy, momma ate all my food and it really BREAKED MY HEART!!!" oh dear...

*i came into the kitchen this afternoon to see miley and josiah quietly crouched down in front of the open fridge. they know that they aren't supposed to help themselves to snacks without asking first, so i was proud of miley when i heard her whisper to josiah, "i fink we can't have nuffin!!"

*miley asked if she could watch a movie tonight, but bill told them that it was time for bed. she came to me and told me, "when daddy do's that, it makes my feelings not good!" poor deprived child:)

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