Wednesday, December 21, 2011

more pie, krystals and sparkles..

tonight we loaded up in the car to look for some more christmas lights. i had been wanting a cookie dough ice cream cone from baskin robins for the past week, so bill took me to get one and he got some krystal burgers for him and the kids. we pulled into the parking lot and he said, "alright, who wants a krystal?" all 3 chimed in, "ME!!!" however, when miley got hers, she looked in the box and said, "hey this is not a krystal... it's a hangerburger!" (hamburger) bill told her, "that's what a krystal is... it's a hamburger." miley was fine with his answer and took her 'hangerburger' back to her seat. after a few minutes, we hear her ask, "hey daddy, pie have anudder sparkle??"(can i have another..) bill was so confused... "what??" she replied, "a sparkle, daddy. pie have anudder sparkle hangerburger??" sparkles.. krystals... they're the same, right? they are both shiney, sparkly and apparently yummy to a 3 year old! ha:)

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