Friday, February 17, 2012


I was helping Ella Kate and Miley clean up their room the other day when EK looked at me and said," thanks! You're really fast! You're a big momma!" I think she meant to say big helper or at least that is what I'm telling myself:)

Jos told me one morning this week, "hey momma, did you know after we have baby Levi, we're gonna have anudder baby girl?!?" is this prophecy? :)

I told the kids that they could pick out a snack from the pantry. When ella Kate saw that miley had a fruit roll up, she said to me, "momma? Can she on earth have that??"

Adalyn drank an icee from a straw the other night at sam's! I feel like my other kids were 15-18months old before they mastered the straw!!

Miley was outside playing when I saw her over by our fence. I called for her and she came running to me saying,"I was just checking on the dogs... But they're not ruffin'." You know... ruffin, barking.. They're the same thing:)

Can I just brag on my kids for a moment?? I know I tend to look at all of the things my kids do wrong and focus on them. For instance: the disobedience, the lying, the sneakiness, the whining.... You know... Sin! Which we all struggle with! Well, the other night I put a 20 minute cartoon on netflix for the big three kids so I could go and feed adalyn and lay her down. Jos asked if we were going to watch another show when this one went off, but I told him no. It was going to be bed time and I wanted them to get some sleep. So I run upstairs and feed adalyn, put her down and come to my room to use the bathroom and brush my teeth without an audience:) I come back downstairs to see the tv off and all of the pillows picked up and put back in their places on the couch. I go to Josiah's room to see him already in bed with his lights off, and when I go to the girls' room, I see both of them in bed with their light off and their fan turned on! Miley was under her covers reading a book and EK looked like she was already asleep:) I was so proud of them!! I kissed them all and thanked them for obeying momma and I told them that I couldn't wait until daddy came home so I could tell him, too! I had a few hard days last week when I would go to my room and just pray and cry! I felt like such a failure as a mom! It felt like all I was doing was getting on to them and disciplining them every minute. I was exhausted! Bill and I have high expectations and we want our kids to behave, but I tend to forget that at the same time, they are kids... Little kids who need a patient and forgiving mother!! It is a challenging task, being a momma, but i wouldn't trade this calling or these kids for the world!! Please Jesus, help me be the best momma I can be!!

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  1. Hi Kristen! Don't be so hard on yourself...I know you are a wonderful mother! Even though I'm not a mother (yet) I feel that way sometimes with my littles at school.

    Anyways, just wanted to say hi! Even though I have been reading your blog since forever, I am now officially a "follower."