Tuesday, February 14, 2012

just some pics..

since our computer was stolen, i haven't been able to upload any pics to my blog. so unless i am on bill's ipod or borrowing a computer, (i am currently on my mom's) i can't update it. but, i have a few recent pics from my phone that i uploaded so.. here is our latest trip to publix:) my kids love that place!next is our sweet baby boy, who at 22-23 weeks already weighs a pound and a half!
next up is sweet adalyn from behind:) she has got the cutest backside i've ever seen!!just feeling the breeze..pajama day at preschool! (miley didn't have school that day, but she wanted to wear her pj's anyway!)pinterest helped me with our valentines this year and i think they turned out adorable! the kids had a blast getting creative! so fun..

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