Saturday, February 11, 2012

More Miley..

I was soaking in a hot bath this afternoon while bill was playing a game with the kids downstairs. Just as I was closing my eyes and sinking deep in the bubbles, I hear a little whisper say my name. I look up and see a naked Miley sheepishly looking at me asking, "momma, pie get in the baff tub, too?" (can I) ((sigh))... "sure, come on in!" I mean, what mom ever gets 5 minutes to be in the bathroom by herself?! :) she smiles big at me and I tell her, " I love you, Miley! You're my buddy!" she's still smiling at me when she replies, "no, I'm just your kid!"

I caught her with my lotion yesterday. She was smothering and rubbing her little body when she looked at me and said, "what?? I gotta baby Levi in my belly and Him's fixin to come out!"

She was playing house by herself when she ran into my room and said, "mom, I can't find my dad anywhere! All him do's is watch tv and say bad words!"

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