Friday, May 11, 2012

We're still here.. And still funny:)

Ella Kate came to my room one afternoon and said, "momma, what's that snack that we like to eat at church?" "ummm... I'm not sure!" I said. She looks at me as if I am playing dumb and says, "you know! The snack that is the color of our skin!!" I seriously have no clue what she is talking about! I have this blank stare on my face when she lights up and says, "OH YEAH! Cheerios! They're called Cheerios! Can we go get some at the store?" :) Josiah runs to me with LOTS of excitement and says, "hey! I just achoo'd and tooted at the same time!!" that's some serious talent, folks:) While Bill was making his baked potato at supper tonight, Miley was watching his every move. After a few moments, she asked, "Daddy? Can I have some "cut cheese?" You know, Cut cheese... Shredded cheese. They're the same thing:)

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