Friday, January 9, 2015

Miley is 6

Miley, Miney Moe, Miney Hiney, Matilda Jane... our sweet 3rd born is 6!!!!
She is so witty. A firecracker. Full of life (and drama). A big dreamer. A snuggler. An all around easy, loving and beautiful little girl. She has no filter, and whatever she thinks in her head, she spills from her mouth. I may or may not have shed some tears from a few of those spills that she had to say about me. She bridges the gap perfectly between the big kids and the little kids. She can hang with the bigger ones, but can also play and entertain the littles. she loves being in charge of Levi and she idolizes Ella Kate.
She is a daddy's girl through and through, but I have never doubted her love for me. She smiles a lot and almost ALWAYS makes a humming sound when she smiles, like a sweet little HHHMMMMMMMM:) She loves her cousin Eve, drinking sprite, eating apples, carrots and cheese. She could sing and dance and put on a show all day, everyday. She can braid hair like a champ, loves barbies, make up and karaeoke. She carries a purse with her at all times and it is always full of random treasures that she is ready to give away. At one point at church, I saw a few little girls with little white door knobs. They looked familiar and as I gazed across the room, I realized that miley was passing them out. apparently, she took the knobs off of her dresser and was giving them to her friends:)
She always has sea shells, jewelry and money that she is dying to give away. I pray she never loses that passion of giving. She is an outside girl and although she is girly and prissy, she can get filthy in a skinny minute. She loves digging in the dirt making houses for fairies and habitats for the bugs that Levi finds. She is a great trampoline jumper and can swing super high. she hasn't mastered all of the monkey bars or riding without training wheels, but she is super duper close. She is an easy dresser... by far my easiest girl to get ready. She never cares how I fix her hair or what she wears. Although, she is starting to prefer jeans and shorts and less dresses and skirts. She is reading pretty good and is a whiz at math! The more that I type about her, the more that I want to go and wake her up from her bed and spend some time with her.
Miley, you are a JOY! Your daddy and I could not have picked a better middle girl than YOU! You have taught me more than you know and you make me want to stop and smell the roses more often. You notice things that most people overlook and you see them as beautiful. YOU are beautiful, miney moe! God has created a masterpiece in you. I love you so much! Happy Birthday.

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