Friday, January 9, 2015


I have done an absolutely terrible job of keeping up with this blog. Life is busy and I need to make this more of an effort. The kids are growing at a rapid pace and they are saying and doing cute things by the minute and I try to share them on facebook or write them on a post-it, but then I need to transfer them to here so I can have them all in one place. phew... I am going to do my best to make 2015 a more productive blogging year.. fingers crossed. so lets start back with the holidays. the kids were asked to model some clothes for a friend of mine's precious boutique. they turned out so well, and I was so thankful to be given the images!
Christmas was great and busy, as usual. we spent time with both families and I think I took mostly video and not many pictures. This was Titus' first Christmas and the kids were more excited for him than he was :) I took video for all of Christmas eve and my video camera died during the middle of Christmas morning, so I switched to my camera. that's why I don't have pics from my inlaws on Christmas eve and no video of Christmas day with my parents. :(

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