Friday, July 9, 2010

i needed to smile..

and my babies keep me smiling:)
miley is a stinker! she is changing so much and growing so fast! she is saying new things everyday and her budding personality is getting BIGGER and sassier.. oh my! she dumped out an entire box of nilla wafers the other day. i was actually sitting there by her when she did it. when the box was empty, she looked up and saw me looking at her and said, "what?" as if saying, 'what are you gonna do about it? i'm too cute for you to fuss at me!'
she is also starting to call for me in the mornings when she wakes up. i normally wait until i hear her stirring or playing in her crib before i go in and get her, but lately she has been wanting me to come faster. she starts off with a sweet, "momma!" then it gradually (in a matter of seconds) gets louder and sterner... "momma.... momma.. momma... MMMMAAAA!" that's right, having to wait 5 seconds is way too long for my little princess, so she shortens my name to 'ma'. i go in there smiling and singing to her, but all i get in return is a crazy haired, chubby-faced cutie with her hands reaching out for me whining "get out!" so i pick her up, only for her to want to get down and find her "juice, 'siah and L-kate." :)
josiah is in the process of potty training. he is doing SO much better than i anticipated! all week, he has been wearing big boy "unna-wear" and only had maybe 3-4 accidents ALL week! yay 'siah:) he is getting so big! he kept telling me, "momma, i go TT and i get woody! not buzz year, but woody!" this boy loves him some toy story and thought that going to the potty was a good enough excuse to get a prize. sadly i had to tell him that all he would get would be an m&m, but he didn't seem to mind:) poppa and mimi actually surprised us tonight and bought him a "woody" for going potty all week, so he was VERY excited!
i also wanted to share with you a few animals that i LOVE to hear josiah talk about. he has a sweet little accent, but i can't figure it out. it definitely isn't southern, but it is cute! for example.. he LOVES "fink aningos" (pink flamingos), "toy-tles" (turtles), "boyds" (birds) and "koo-wah-wahs" (koalas)! how cute is he?
ella kate is still giving her share of funny stories. the day after we found out that we lost our baby, my sister erin found out she was having TWINS!! i was trying to explain to ella kate that sissy has 2 babies in her belly that are going to grow and be her new cousins. then ella kate smiled and said, "sissy, when you're gonna have these babies, you gonna have a chicken! and it's gonna tell you that you have these babies!" ***crickets chirping*** we had no idea what she was talking about! erin and i just looked at each other confused. then it hit me that ella kate was talking about a STORK! haha... we have a neighbor with a stork in their yard, and last week i was explaining to ek that it meant that their family had a new baby boy. haha.. that still makes me smile:)
i love these kids...

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  1. i am SO sorry for your loss! i will be praying for you and your family. i also know you are excited about being a aunt to 2 more sweet babies! tell erin congrats!