Saturday, July 24, 2010

bits and pieces..

*whenever miley walks into a room.. any room.. she feels the need to say, "my churn!" (my turn) oh, the joys of being the youngest and learning to share! :)

*josiah realized tonight that, "i wike peppa-no-nees." (i like pepperonis)

*a BIG, nasty roach was in my house the other day. gross!! i am COMPLETELY terrified of those disgusting creatures! i was trying to work up the nerve to get close enough to it to put a cup on top of him until bill got home from work. my poor husband... we had about 11 trees cut down a couple of summers ago, and by doing so, we created a HORRIBLE roach problem! bill would come home from work and find 7 cups strategically placed on the floor, covering up bugs! i can't get close enough to them to kill them, so i usually find a spray of some sort(believe it or not, febreze works great!) and squirt them until they slow down enough for me to cover them up. i get the willy's just talking about it. ANYWAY.. back to the bug... ella kate could tell that i was struggling with having to cover him up so she pats me on the back and says, "it's ok! you can do it! you are a big momma!!" :)


  1. I always love to hear your EK stories! Your a Big Momma....that one is priceless!!!!

    Hope your preganancy is going well.

  2. Your so funny. I love the little "kid talk" you do. Your kids just sound like such a blast to be around.

  3. such cute stories! and remind me to never drink out of a cup from your house! hahaha!