Thursday, July 1, 2010

something that i don't want to forget, but then again, i really do!

i am not sure if i should even share this with you guys, or not! i have gone back and forth for about a month, about whether i should share this particular story on the blog. and although i really don't want to, i am afraid that i will forget it later on and then i will be sad. so here goes..
a little over a month ago, it was nap time. ella kate is starting to out grow her naps, but i am making her stay and rest in her room. well, this particular afternoon she kept knocking on her door telling me that she needed to go potty.... only, she didn't have to. she was just looking for an excuse to come out of her room. so i got tired of all of that nonsense and put her old plastic potty in her room and told her that if she needed to go to the bathroom, then she needed to use that one and quit knocking on her door. ok.. that worked. no more knocking from her. when nap time was over, i went and got everyone up. i went to ella kate's room first. i opened the door and saw her dancing and jumping on her bed. i looked down at the potty and saw it full of poo... gross! i guess she needed to go afterall. i took and dumped the potty and cleaned it out then came back to her room where i saw some smeared poo in a couple of different spots on her carpet.
i said, "uh-oh, ella kate! what happened here? did you accidentally step in it?"
she sheepishly looks at me and says, "momma, it was an accident and i won't ever do it again! are you gonna spank me?"
i looked at her and then the carpet, and then back to her, "no, i wont spank you. but tell me what happened here, ok?"
she looks down at her feet and says, "momma i wont ever do it again, ok?!"
"ok, ella kate. i believe you. did you step in it?"
she wants to cry, but doesn't and says, "no, ma'am. i put my fingers in it."
my jaw dropped. "WHAT?!?! ella kate that is so nasty and we do NOT touch our own poopy, or anyone else's poopy!! ok? now let me see you hands."
she shows them to me and they are spotless. my heart is racing! i look around at her white bedspread, and clean clothes to see what she wiped them off on.
so i asked her, "what did you wipe them off on? how did you get them clean?"
still very concerned she said, "momma, i wont ever do it again! ok?"
"ok, ella kate! just tell me!" i never would have guessed what would have come out of her mouth next....
"i licked them!"
what?? she LICKED them?!!? oh my!
then she had a smile on her face and felt the nerve to tell me, "and momma, it wasn't gross! it didn't even taste like poopy!!"
why? WHY? why is my 3yr old GIRL so curious about bodily functions!
so gross!
sorry i shared it, but now, i will have it forever on my blog:)
it's a good thing that she is so stinkin' cute:) although, i have to admit that i didn't want to kiss her for a couple of days afterwards!


  1. I hope you took her straight to the bathroom and brushed her teeth!

  2. Oh my gosh, I would freak. I mean its not like they really truly understand just how gross that is. Just wait until her high school graduation when you remind her of that story (not around her friends of course). She will be mortified. Oh the things kids do. They really are clueless aren't they.

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  4. OMG!!! i have been catching up on my blog reading and WOWZA!! i can't believe she did that...i know you were about to die! and i'm with Trish...hope you brushed her teeth REALLY good! :)