Wednesday, November 17, 2010

19 weeks and we are having another....

GIRL:) i have never done one of these pregnancy surveys before, so i thought that i would give it a try:

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 19 Weeks
Size of baby: size of an apple!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: gained 6 lbs
Maternity Clothes: i can still wear my old jeans as long as i don't button them:) but i really need to invest in some good maternity jeans. all of our other babies were summer babies and i never really needed jeans..
Gender: sugar and spice and everything nice!!
Movement: if i am laying on my back, i feel her move a lot! bill felt her move for the first time last week:) still super exciting the 4th time around!!
Sleep: i am not as sleepy during the day as i have been, and i am sleeping GREAT at night:)
What I miss: hmm.. i miss being able to go places and walk around without getting so winded. i had to take several rests(squats) throughout toys r us the other night while christmas shopping.
Cravings: orange juice, pizza (specifically thin crust pepperoni from pizza hut!)
Symptoms: i have had some pretty bad cramping in my lower abdomen due to a lot of different things, but mainly b/c this is our 4th baby in 4 years and my body is just plain tired:)
Best Moment this week: finding out the sex!! although we were convinced it was a boy, we are super excited about another sweet, healthy girl and i am ready to start planning!!


  1. How exciting for you guys! And you look just great!!!

  2. YAY!!!!! What will her name be?? I guess we'll have to exchange our target and starbucks dates with Pizza Hut and BuyBuy Baby!! :) :)


  3. Congratulations!!! That's so exciting. I'm with the first commenter. What are the name choices? I love to hear others names.

    I'm glad you and baby are doing good. You look great by the way.

  4. Aww! Congrats to ya'll! You look GREAT! Can't wait to continue reading through your pregnancy journey.