Wednesday, November 3, 2010

boys.. or atleast josiah

since i never had a brother growing up, i didn't really know what to expect having baby boy. well, josiah is now 3 years old and is as cute as he can be... however he is silly. and gross. he is infatuated with TT-ing outside "in da gwass." and did i mention that TWICE at disney world, he dropped trow and peed at the park. in front of people. it was quite embarrassing! we look over while taking a break in the shade, and see this cute, white, little hiney over by a grassy patch and then realize that this cute little hiney was with us!! it was josiah who peed in public at disney world. two different times. oh my..he is also so silly. it never fails, that while we are in the car he will look at ella kate and say, "hey poopy! bahahahahahahahahaha!!" he thinks words like poopy, dooty diaper (dirty), boogie, and TT are all hilarious and he dies laughing after he says them. i don't get it. neither does ella kate:) she always just looks back at him with a blank stare like he is completely immature:)

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  1. yes, you have to love raising a boy...our house if full of burps, farts, boy stank and mud. He never cares if his clothes match or if they have been laying on his bedroom floor for the past week. He is 14 and I still have to make sure he brushes his teeth every morning.....people keep telling me he will change....but I'm still waiting......