Friday, November 5, 2010

they really love each other!

i am watching my niece, eve this morning and all 4 of the babies are playing downstairs with puzzles. i wasn't in the room when i heard this from josiah:
jos:"no, no baby eve. we don't take stuff from L-Kate. give it back to her and say you're sorry!"
no response from eve...
jos: "bay. bee. eve! i talkin' you! you need give it back to L-Kate wight now!"
still no response from eve..
jos(LOUDER): "eve dabis! (davis.. our last name) you not being sweet wight now!"
i don't think eve ever really responded, but josiah finally got over it and they are all playing together again:) it made me laugh so hard, because josiah, miley and ella kate can fight and bicker like cats and dogs, but if someone else from the "outside" is mean or unfair to one of them, the other one ALWAYS gets defensive and protective:)

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