Saturday, January 14, 2012

daddy's girls:)

miley was talking about kissing boys at "school". bill told her immediately, "miley, you are not allowed to kiss boys! ever! ok?" she had a sad face and replied, "but dad.... i really want to!" oh dear.. the child is only 3! what are we doing to do when she is a teenager??

adalyn has been sick so we have pulled out all of our humidifiers. bill was assembling them in all of the kids' rooms when he came back to ella kate and miley's room and saw that the humidifier had been knocked over. "hey! who did this?" he asked. "i told y'all that you guys weren't allowed to touch these!" ella kate was dancing when she said, "oh.. maybe i did. maybe i kicked it with one of my dance moves! can you just put a sign on it so we can remember not to touch it?" bill was not amused and said, "no, i can't put a sign on it. how about you settle your dance moves down a bit and just remember what daddy has told you!?" :) ha! she can't even read and yet she thinks a sign would help her!

adalyn gets VERY excited when bill comes home from work. she crawls and follows him around until he picks her up and kisses her:) i love watching it!! he is such a great daddy! she will just stare at him and touch his face in awe! melts my heart!

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