Monday, January 9, 2012

game night and other funnies!

at mother's day out last week, there was a little boy who was turned around in his chair staring at miley. the teacher asked him to turn around but he didn't listen. so miley said, "it's ok! him's just staring at me cause i'm so pretty!" bill was getting ready for church one sunday and put on a suit. miley looked at him and gasped saying, "daddy!! you look so handsome.. you look like a prince!!" i smiled and told her that he was a prince, he was my prince!! to which she quickly responded, "no! him's not a prince! him's just a daddy!"

josiah asked me the other day, "momma, when our baby is born, can i be his daddy??"bill and the kids have turned into some board game junkies! i have the lucky responsibility to keep adalyn out of the way:) here they are playing chutes and ladders..and operation.. (which was too noisy and too stressful for our kids!)

they also love jenga, candyland and hungry, hungry hippos, (which jos calls "the very hungry hippo game". i think he gets confused with the very hungry caterpillar book!) i think we have played games almost every night for the past week or so after supper! i took this pic saturday morning. i am sure that we are going to miss these lazy, snuggly saturdays! we bought 3 cans of fake snow for the kids, in hopes of them making mini snowmen:) however, ella kate was the first one to get to play in it, and after a few minutes she started saying that her hands and arms were itching. the snow also had a strong, funky smell so we ended up throwing it all way:( while we were busy taking turns cozying up to a fire, adalyn was busy getting into squinkies and shoving them all in her mouth... ((sigh))

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