Monday, January 30, 2012

Josiah helped Miley buckle up in the car today and she said to him," thanks 'siah!! You're my thooper hero!! " (super hero) then they held hands the rest of the car ride:) don't worry though, it was short lived. She was hollering at him and scowling at him this afternoon!

While getting herself dressed for church one Sunday, Miley looked at herself in the mirror and said, "wow!! I look fab-uh-lous!!"

We saw a huge group (flock??) of birds flying together one afternoon and Ella Kate said, "hey look! Those birds are having a get together!"

Josiah got a shirt from yaya for Christmas and he LOVES it! It is a Levi Strauss shirt and Jos calls it "my baby brother, Levi shirt!" :)

Yes... We are having another sweet baby boy, Levi Nicholas:) we are super dooper excited!!

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