Monday, January 16, 2012

sweet jos..

i made spaghetti for supper tonight and when josiah took a bite of his, he said, "hmm.. not half bad!" i mean... i know i'm far from a great cook, but seriously?? do i need to be critiqued by a 4 year old?? :) now granted we DID have cereal for supper the night before... but come on, man! i have had a lot on my plate this weekend! cut me some slack :)

he woke up this morning and said, "good morning, momma! is it fursdsay? (thursday)" i said, "hey, buddy. no, it's just monday. sorry." he got a nintendo ds for christmas and is in LOVE with that thing! he has the potential to be one of those kids who (if we let him) would sit in front of a game system, tv, hand held electronic thingy, etc. ALL. DAY. LONG!!! so we have put some restrictions on it and he can only play for a couple of minutes on tuesdays, thursdays and saturdays. (i know, i know... we are such mean parents!!) he made me laugh when he woke up from his nap a few hours earlier and ran to me in the kitchen and asked, "hey, momma!! is it still not fursday??" see what i mean?? the kid needs restrictions:) but he sure is a cutie!

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