Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas 2013

We had a wonderful Christmas! It was busy busy, as usual.. But fun nonetheless!

We have been blessed with great families and friends. My kids pretty much came home with a toy store after they opened all of their presents from the grandparents.

Look how much Adalyn and Miley favor... Crazy huh? She begged me for this straight hair!

We have enjoyed looking at Christmas lights and searching the neighborhoods for baby Jesus. This particular night, we found a neighborhood where one of the houses had snow shipped in from virginia. It was 60 degrees out and my kids looked like ragamuffins but we enjoyed throwing a snowball or two:)

We are thankful that Jesus came to us one starry night in bethlehem, destined to die for us.. Wretched sinners without hope. Let us never forget the reason for the season!

Josiah and Ella Kate bother memorized Luke 2's version of the Christmas story. It brings tears to my eyes every time that they recite it.

On another note.. Not related to Christmas.. Ella Kate called Bill one afternoon at work. We don't have a landline and only use cell phones. Well, this particular day, bill didn't answer his phone and I could hear that his voicemail picked up and I didn't want to deal with her leaving a message so I shouted to her, "just hang up the phone., Ella Kate! We'll call him back later!" She ran to me with a puzzled look on her face and asked, "hang it up, where?!" Ha! I guess I should start saying to press the red END button:)

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