Tuesday, December 3, 2013

New bits and pieces:)

Back story: The kids full names are Ella Kate, Josiah William, Miley Noel, Adalyn Grace and Levi Nicholas. So while we are driving down the road one day, Ella Kate tells me, "Hey mom! During Christmas time, we can call Miley and Levi, Noel and Nicholas! Because those are Christmas names!!" Josiah smiles and chimes in, "yeah, and you can call me Will because, 'peace and good WILL toward men!' " :) so funny! Ella Kate is also not thrilled that her name is short, so she has convinced herself that her 'real' name is Elizabeth Kaitlyn and we just call her Ella Kate for short:) I don't have the heart to burst her little bubble, so I just go with it. Kinda like how I just went with it when she convinced Josiah and Miley that she was born in China. She even made up some words in Chinese to further convince them and they totally bought it!! Little stinker.. What is it with big sisters??

Adalyn is in love with sleeping beauty. She has never seen the movie and only has one little people doll of sleeping beauty. But she is her favorite. She also has Ariel and Eric, but "Shake a booty" as she calls her, is by far her favorite. We have our little people nativity set out for the holidays and all of the kids LOVE it! I was watching Adalyn play one day and she had brought Mary to the princess castle with sleeping beauty and Ariel. Only.. She thought Mary was Jesus. I watched her little mind go to work and she had imaginary conversations with the dolls that went something like this: "oh, hey shake a booty! Oh, hey Jesus! Whatcha doin'? Wanna play wiff me? Ok, shake a booty! I play wiff you. Hum on, Jesus!" Precious!

Adalyn has also started stuttering.. Or stammering. Not sure which is the correct word. But she takes FOREVER to say some things. Instead of saying " we we we we we we wevi." For Levi.. She now just calls him, Him. For instance, she will shout to Levi in the car and say, "HIM!! Hold a hand!! Him, talk a me!" They are the best of buddies.. Their relationship might be my favorite bond between my kids. They love each other. They will play and jump and read books in his crib together for the longest time. They destroy my house and tag team their poor momma all of the time. They sneak candy and hide behind beds together and giggle on a weekly basis. I am thankful that God blessed me with kids and I am thankful that he saw fit to send them to me like stair steps, because they make the best playmates:)

Levi has mastered the word, "no." I knew this day would come.. But it doesn't make it any easier to handle. I ask for a kiss, he tells me no and runs away. I ask him to come and let me change his diaper, he stands just far enough away from me to where I can't reach him and with those smiling brown eyes, he looks dead at me and says, no! After playing outside all morning, I tell him that it is time to come inside and he runs as fast as he can in the opposite direction and says, no! ((Sigh)) consistency doesn't get any easier with the more kids you have. We are working on, "yes ma'am!" But the key word here is, 'working'.

I fixing Miley's hair one morning and she looked at me through the mirror and explained to me that she was never gonna get married. I asked her why and she said that she was afraid to kiss! I hope she stays afraid for a VERY long time! But, I know my Miley and I'm afraid she will outgrow that fear before I want her to:)

Josiah has also talked about getting married and having kids one day. In fact, he told me this morning that when he is a dad, he isn't going to spank his kids. If they forget the rules or disobey, he will just remind them and never get them in trouble. He also said that he was going to buy his kids lots and lots of prizes! .... I'm not sure of he was trying to tell me something?!

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