Tuesday, November 17, 2009

conversations with the crazies

on the way to school one morning, ella kate was chewing gum in her carseat.
ek: "hey momma! mrs. hope and mrs. ann dont like for us to chew gum at school."
me: "oh, ok! well, lets make sure to spit it out in the trashcan before we go inside!"
ek: "well... hey! i got a great idea! maybe i can hide it in my mouth and they can't see it!"
what?! she is 3!! how did she even think of that!?!

i could tell that miley was working on a poopy diaper across the room. i asked ella kate to go over to her and smell to see if she had a dirty diaper. she took one sniff of miley and said, "EWW! she smells horrible!" i asked her if she would mind changing her for me and she said, "no way!" so i said, "i thought you loved baby miley!" and her response was, "well, i dont fink i do today:)"

we have been really hard on ella kate and josiah lately with all of their bickering and struggles with sharing. so, we have been pulling them aside and talking to them about their actions, then proceeding with their punishments. however, josiah is too cute when we get onto him. for instance, we will say, "josiah were you not sharing your toys??" or "josiah are you being ugly to your sister?" and his response is ALWAYS, "because" or really with his lisp it is "becauth" :) it makes NO sense but he has heard ella kate say "because" a billion times, so no matter what the question is, that is always josiah's answer!"

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